Monday, February 19, 2018

Sugar Free No Always Carbohydrate Free

I have learned that just because something is sugar free does not mean it is also carbohydrate free. One should not just check to see if it is sugar free but also check to see how much carbohydrates it has.

One should also check the serving size and how many carbohydrates for each serving. It may seem like a low carbohydrate per serving when the serving is small and consuming the whole contents might mean eating more carbohydrates than what one realizes.

I had eaten some sugar free chocolates. It was a small package with a handful of pieces in it. Since it was late and I checked my blood sugar level before I had consumed it, the next morning my blood sugar level was higher than expected.

I have eaten some sugar free gummy bears that had a lot more carbohydrates than I realized. It would be great for when ones sugar level was low and needed a boost; not from any added sugar but from the amount of carbohydrates it had. When one blood sugar is not low, one has to be careful how much one eats at one time. 

Just because something is no sugar added does not mean it does not have a lot of sugar in it. There are products are labeled with no sugar added since the other ingredients have their own sugar; like milk used in no sugar added ice cream.

The best advice would be from ones primary care physician and/or a diabetic educator. Getting advice is good but getting them from the above is even better and they can adapt it to ones personal needs. One can control ones diabetes better with the knowledge they can give.

a great resource for diabetes. 

needs work but better than before

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Diabetic medicine from the venom of a platypus?

New Atlas has an article about the research - The University of Adelaide -  of find a way to help diabetics using the venom from a platypus. I think this is very unique but I hope it works. The article indicates there is much research to be done before diabetics could use it but I am hoping that future diabetics will be able to benefit their efforts.
BBC also an article on it. PHYS.ORG also has an article. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont Sugar Free Pancake & Waffle Mix?

I was looking for pancake mix when I came across this. I like to make pancakes for breakfast. Since I am also a diabetic, I look for things that would fit into my meal plan. I found a box of sugar free pancake / waffle mix by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont. It is not a big box like other pancake / waffle mixes. It does have a nice look to the box. I like that there is a bag inside that one can reseal.
I tried portion control. It indicated that a serving was 1/4 cup. I also reduced the eggs from 2 to 1. I added a little vegetable oil. I made three pancakes. I tried the first one by itself. I thought it was pretty good. It was not as 'fluffy' as the second and third one. I tried the second one with some butter on it. It was pretty good. The third one I heated a slice of meat with a cheese plus a little bit of sugar free syrup and butter that I heated. It was really good. They were not as thick as the ones I usually make. I think this is a delicious way to help reduce the amount of sugar in ones diet. 

I like to add things to the pancake mix before putting it on the pan. One time I added mushrooms, another time I added peas and carrots and another time cubed meat. I like being creative with it. I will be doing this with the mix above. It is good to start with a 'base' that tastes good.

With diabetes, one needs to have a meal plan that controls ones intake. This could include regular food but eaten with portion control. My recommendation is that one should check with ones diabetic educator and / or primary physician before starting any diet  or meal plan. What works for one person might not work with another. 

I think the American Diabetes Association is a great group to support since they support diabetics. They have a lot of helpful information at their site. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

bloodless diabetic testing via temporary tattoo?

New Atlas that has an article about a 'temporary tattoo' that is used to measure blood sugar level in a way that does not require pricking ones finger. As a diabetic, I have an interest in such a device.
The source of the article is University of California, San Diego.
I look forward to the day that I won't have to prick my finger to check my blood sugar level. I think this has a lot of potential. I hope it is successful. 

Live Science has an article on it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Diabetic Breathalyzer?

I saw an article on New Atlas (formerly Gizmag) that was on the 'diabetic breathalyzer'. I think it shows promise. I am for anything that eliminates the need to prick my finger tip for blood for my glucoumeter. I think it would not only make it less painful but also easier to do. Digital Trends also has an article on it. American Chemical Society has information on it. The American Chemical Society. shows that it has a lot of potential.  Another New Atlas article on it.
With the research going on for this new device, I hope something like this becomes something one reads in medical history books.